Microsoft Office Expert Course | Learn Advance MS Office 365

Ms Office is one of the most widely used tools through which you do any kind of office work for industrial or educational purposes. As it will help you develop skills in MS Word, MS PowerPoint, and MS Excel (mostly used), and if your job demands the use of other MS Office products, MS Excel comes handy in almost all day to day scenarios at work. Learn different tables and formulas and you will save a lot of man-hours. For that, Dynamic Developers software house offering the best quality professional online Microsoft Office expert advanced course. So, If you want to become a microsoft office expert, don't waste your time, do apply for it.

Microsoft Office Course by Dynamic Developers

Course outline for Microsoft Office Expert Course

🛑 Benefits of Microsoft Office Expert Course:

♦ ️You will be able to use all MS Office tools.
♦ ️You will be able to apply for any kind of computer operating job.
♦ ️You will acquire Microsoft office 365 knowledge from basic to advance.
♦ ️You will be able to do any kind of educational and industrial office work using microsoft products.
♦️ You will be able to earn online by selling your skill on digital platforms.

🛑 What we will cover in this course:

♦️ Installation of Microsoft Office.
♦️ Complete understanding of MS Word / MS Excel / MS PowerPoint.
♦️ Letter / Application writing on MS Office.
♦️ Simple / Graphical CV Making.
♦️ How to do graphical work in MS tools.
♦️ All kind of calculations in MS office.
♦️ How to make attendance sheets.
♦️ How to make result cards.
♦️ Basic inventory software creation in MS Excel.
♦️ Basic Presentation / Slides creation in MS PowerPoint
♦️ Animational Presentation / Slides creation in MS PowerPoint.

🛑 Assignments and Evaluations:

🔹 Assignments and Evaluations will be given as well for your practice.
🔹 Certificate of training will be given to active students as well.
🔹 There will be Internship/Job opportunities as well for top performers.