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Learn C++ Programing

Introduction to C++ Programming - Easy

As C++ language covers all the fundamentals of others programming languages as well. We can start or programming career by learning C++. If a person have a good command in different concepts of C++, He can easily deal with all other high-level programing languages as well. C++ is a high-level programming language.

History of C++

  • C++ was created by Bjarne Stroustrup in 1979 at AT&T Bell Labs.
  • C++ is an Object-Oriented programming language that incorporates basic just as conventional programming highlights or generic programming.
  • C++ was created with highlights acquired from SIMULA 67 and ALGOL 68.
  • C++ was at first called "C with classes".

Following are different uses of C++ language:

  • Frameworks programming
  • Inserted/Embed frameworks programming
  • Climate control framework
  • Defence & Protection frameworks
  • Web applications
  • Worker programming
  • Data sets
  • Web search
  • online business

Structure of a C++ Program:

A standard C++ program can be consisting different parts or sections as shown below:

All parts or sections except main() function are optional. Each C++ program must contain a main() function. Classes in C++ programming are similar to structures in C programming. We can work with both values and functions in C++, as it's not possible while using structures concept in C. We can define function either inside or outside of the respective class.

Include File in C++:

A C++ program must include one or more header files in the program using the #include tag. A proper syntax is defined for using #include tag.

#include<'iostream'> or #include“iostream”

The header file used in the above example is “iostream”. In the above example, the header file "iostream" is included. A program consists on all the function that declared in the header file. We can include these header files at any location in our program, but for good practice and professional behavior, we should need to use them at the start of each program.

Class Declaration or Class Function:

We can add one or many classes in a single section. We can define class after main() function, but for good practice and for better understanding Good we should need to define classes before main() function.

A class definition must have to terminate with a semi-colon “ ; ”. A class definition can contain variables, function declarations (prototypes), or function definitions.