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Executives Meeting - Dynamic Developers Software House

“Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision.”

Dynamic Developers is a software house that gained 1st rank among other such companies of the region in a very short phase. It fulfills all the basic needs of the clients and makes them satisfied with their best services. It also offers online short courses. A monthly physical meeting of Dynamic Developers was on October 6, 2021, in the presidency of Engr. M. Kamran and Mr. Hafiz M. Arslan, CEO of the company.

Agendas of the meeting:

It was about the future development of the company. Hafiz M. Arslan showered light on the concerns and purposes of the company. He said that the main goal is not only to earn but to create opportunities for others. He justified the whole journey of the company in the previous year. He also appreciated the enthusiastic and dedicated members of the company. He encouraged everyone to play their role actively.

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Launching new office:

The company is going to launch its new office in coming days. They discussed that how to supervise and maintain it. They stated that having a physical set-up is how important for the standing of a company. As clients are more attracted to infrastructure, it should be improved.

Other members of the meeting also give their suggestions to show their concern for the company. There was a suggestion that physical courses should also be offered besides online courses. All members ended up the meeting with the best hopes for the company. It will achieve bigger in future.

In the end, a cake-cutting ceremony was performed. And pictures were taken as a record.

So here are some glimpses of that meeting.