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Child Labour Day Activity - Dynamic Developers

The occasion of 'World Day Against Child Labour' reminds us that there are many children out there who are crying for help. Let's put an end to Child Labour.

"A Child is meant to learn, not to Earn."

For this purpose, Dynamic Developers took the initiative to help out the poor children in our city. We went to different workplaces where there was a possibility of Child Labour and gave the needy children some hampers that could help them to do the right thing meant for them. We also visited some schools to be a helping hand to all those students who were just waiting for somebody to help them.

Child Labour Day Gift Distribution by Team Dynamic Developers Child Labour Day Activity by Dynamic Developers Software House Child Labour Day with Dynamic Developers

Importance of this Activity:

No Child should suffer from Child Labour.

Dynamic Developers has done its part and now it is your turn to do the same. Let us pledge to intensify our efforts to keep the child safe from child labor.